That Chair was Like-New When You Put in on the Truck by Phil the Mover

Every now and then we get surprised by a customer who discovers blemishes on their furniture after it is moved.   In most cases, these blemishes were disguised by lighting or the position of the furniture and it went unnoticed for many years in the  previous home.   When the furniture is moved, the change in  lighting or maybe a beautiful brand new paint job highlights their prize possessions in a “different light.” Often, their first response is, “What did you do to my furniture?”

 To eliminate any confusion we always point out “blemishes” and existing damage to the customer before we shrink wrap the piece of furniture.  This ensures that whatever pre-existing damage exists, it is noted by the customer.  Also it guarantees that the furniture is protected from any further damage.

This labor saving technique eliminates any possible arguments. Whether you are using a mover or moving yourself always protect your furniture with shrink wrap. It is available at most local packing supply stores or can be provided by your mover.  You can do it yourself or have it done at the time of the move.  The added benefits are many.

In addition to protecting your furniture, shrink wrapping makes it easier to pack and unpack the furniture from the moving truck saving you both time and money.


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