Carolyn and Larry – A Love Story- “True Love Ways”

Carolyn and Larry – A Love Story- “True Love Ways”

I was driving back from the Florida Pan Handle listening to my CDs thinking how glad I was to meet Carolyn and Larry.

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Carolyn called me several weeks before to move her to Shalimar, just outside of Fort Walton Beach. Her neighbor, Bonnie, let me in Carolyn’s Sarasota home because Carolyn was in Manning, Louisiana. She and Larry were buying a home in Shalimar. It was a large move and I recommended that she use a larger mover. A week later she called again and insisted that I move her and we came up with a plan to rent two large trucks and Larry would drive the second truck.

Over the weeks leading up to the move, Carolyn and I had many phone calls planning her move. Most of our calls often went off the topic and we found we had many things in common. As “moving week” approached we came up with a plan for them to rent a car in Fort Walton Beach and Larry, Carolyn and the 4 dogs would drive to Sarasota a week before the move. Finally, all the plans were made, they arrived in Sarasota and we spent a week packing for the move.

Forty five years before in mid-town Manhattan, Carolyn and Larry went to their Junior Prom together. They were inseparable in those days. They dated for a couple of years, were engaged but as time went by Larry went away to college and later joined the Air Force where he had a great career. Carolyn attended school in New York and became a school teacher on Long Island and retired not too long ago. As their lives went in different directions, they finally lost touch with each other.

A couple of years ago Carolyn’s mother died. Carolyn was reading her mother’s obituary in the New York Times. She noticed another familiar name on the page: Larry’s wife died the same day. Carolyn thought about calling Larry. He was so cute when they went to school together. Finally she got the nerve to call her old love. Well, a year later they bought a large house in Shalimar with Gracie, Pooh Bear, Fritz and Abbie.

They make a beautiful couple. I had so much fun getting to know them and watching them interact with each other. They were kind of like a pair of old comfortable slippers. Carolyn, in her Sketchers, stands about 5 feet tall. Larry towers over her at 5 foot 7.

In the coming weeks before a long distance move I become involved with the customers working and planning to make sure that all the details are covered. Recounting our lives in New York we discovered that we had many parallels in our lives. I had fun with both of them. I am so glad that I had the opportunity meet them.

Normally, on long distance trips I drop off the rental truck and fly back to Sarasota. This trip was different: I rented a car and drove back with the CD player playing a wide selection of my music. I go from Country to 50s – Doo-Wop and Blues, some old Rock and Roll, and usually on the final leg I tone it done and play one of my favorites – Johnny Mathis- “In the Still of the Night” which is classic love songs from the 50s and 60s. Almost all the songs were some of my all-time favorites growing up in New York. The song that inspired this story was Buddy Holly’s “True Love Ways” which Buddy wrote for his wife Elana in New York City.

As I drove, I imagined Carolyn and Larry dancing cheek to cheek to “In the Still of the Night,” “It’s all in the Game,” and “True Love Ways.”

I want to thank Carla Rayman, a local realtor with Coldwell-Banker, who we have moved many times, and her mother, Bonnie. They suggested Carolyn call Phil the Mover. It was certainly a treat for me.

An After note:

It’s a small, small world after all.

Larry and I were at Budget Car and Truck Rental on US 41 in Sarasota returning his rental car and picking up our trucks to go Shalimar. Lee, behind the counter, inquired about Larry’s home address which was listed on his Louisiana Driver’s License as Manning. He affirmed he lives in Manning and is buying a home in Florida. The lady standing behind us said, “I am from Manning too.” She lived there 40 years ago long before Larry moved there. The population of Manning is barely a drop in a bucket. It is 18 miles from a grocery store and when you “Google” Manning it doesn’t even hit the radar. All I know is Larry lives there on 50 acres, his real estate taxes are $178 and it is 6 miles from the Texas Border.

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Phil Frommholz is a small business owner operating a Florida Registered moving company, Phil the Mover Inc. Phil is a published author and frequent blogger.

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Phil Frommholz is a small business owner operating a Florida Registered moving company, Phil the Mover Inc. Phil is a published author and frequent blogger.
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